First library by mail in Romania with books in English and other languages!

We also operate a similar library with books in Romanian, if you are interested please visit biblioteca in limba romana

Please note this library has as main purpose offering books in English to Romanian residents.
The rules governing this library can be read (in Romanian) here

If you live in a different country than Romania, please read the following information.

To be a member of this library is FREE. We also have a special kind of membership named Premium which costs very little (the equivalent of $3.00 US Dollars a year - but this is not required!) The Premium membership gives you access to all the books listed in the library and it is not profit: it just helps us to go on with this endeavour that while it is free for members, it costs a lot to be kept running.

The most important thing that you need to know is that the library is dedicated to members residing in Romania. The main reason for this is that each member of the library has to pay for postage to send books to the next member. These postage costs are low for books shipped inside Romania but they become an issue when books have to be sent to another country.

When we get requests for membership from other country than Romania, we have to raise the issue of postage costs. The solution is that you will have to pay for books to be sent to you. How this works is: you have to have a postage fund with us; in order to do this, you pay an initial amount that is not set in stone, meaning we can discuss about it (according to how many books you may want to borrow from the library, how often, if you want to become a Premium member and so on). This amount is going to be paid to one of our library coordinators.
Every time when a book is sent to you, the money for the postage is subtracted from this fund that you have. When the fund becomes too low, we'll let you know so you can deposit more money in it.
If this arrangement seems to be ok for you, please go ahead and request the membership in the library.

Thank you for your interest!